Your Board of Directors has contracted with Planned Development Services to manage the business affairs of the Association. 
The primary duties of PDS are: 
  • Care and upkeep of the Common Areas   
  • Billing and collection of monthly assessments from the homeowners, including delinquencies, fines and filing liens.
  •  Maintaining proper insurance, including fire and hazard, public liability,  and errors and omissions insurance for the board.       
  • Financial accounting and cash management.      
  • Enforcement of the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs), Bylaws, Rules and Regulations to ensure the protection of our property values.
PDS is the focal point for all communication from the homeowners.  Any phone call or letter intended for the Board should be routed through PDS.      
Homeowners are encouraged to call PDS and inform them of any needed repairs or maintenance needed in the common areas, such as replacement of street lights or repairs to the gates.
If you have any questions or would like further information about our community, contact us directly – we’re easy to reach.
Planned Development Services
14100 N. 83rd Ave., Suite 200, Peoria, AZ 85381
Office: (623) 877-1396 / Main Fax: (623) 583-3481

Office Hours: 7am-6pm (Mon-Thurs) / 8:30am-3pm(Fri)
Solution Hotline: 8am-6pm (Mon-Thurs) / 8:30-3pm(Fri)
John Wahman, CAAM
Community Manager
Yvette Rushford
Assistant Manager
Lucinda Descaine
Ext: 1156 Ext: 1183 Ext: 1184
Fax: (623) 298-3339 Fax: (602) 557-0243 Fax: (623) 298-6009 
Email:   Email:    Email:    

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