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Budget Meeting

 The Tatum Village Board of Directors has spent endless hours reviewing the financial stability of the community. To simply maintain the same current expenses in 2018 and continue to build the reserves, it is necessary to increase the monthly dues to $250.00.
The Board is accountable to ensure fiscal stability for the annual expenses and evaluate the size and strength the current Reserve Fund. This increase will allow the community to uphold the current standards and condition of the property.  But more importantly, build the Reserve Funds which is crucial.
The Board of Directors will meet with the members to review the 2018 budget to explain where the monthly assessment is going in terms of expenses and reserve funding. A special meeting of the members will be held Monday, October 30, 2018 at 6:30 pm at the Tatum Ranch Community Center. The meeting will review the issues and seek alternatives to improve funding of the Reserves. You are encouraged to attend the meeting and participate in creating solutions to this very important matter.