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Summer Landscaping Schedule
Due to the excessive heat we are experiencing, Tierra Madre Landscaping (TMLS) has modified their hours to start at 4:30 am. Depending on preparation and travel time, crews will arrive on most properties around 5:00 am.

Even though the summer noise ordinance is 5:00 am here in the valley, they will do their best to limit noise producing activities as long as possible.

During this time, we ask for your endurance to the early morning activity. The work still needs to be done but safety of our landscapers comes first. Safety standards require that TMLS to do everything they can to keep their employees protected, so more frequent water and rest breaks are also encouraged and understandable.

Unfortunately, there has already been a heat-related death of a landscaper in Ohio... and they are not dealing with extreme temperatures as we are here. Hopefully, you will understand and tolerate the early morning noise.