Landscape Maintenance Request

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Tatum Village Homeowners Association (HOA) is responsible for controlling and maintaining all landscaping (trees/bushes/plants/cacti/turf)in the areas outside of theexterior of homes. This includes the common areas, homeowner lots, atriums and patios. All landscaping decisions are the responsibilities of the Tatum Village HOA as directed by the HOA Board of Directors

Homeowners may request the following in regards to their front lot, patio and atrium as listed below. All landscaping requests require the completion of this LandscapeMaintenance Request Form.

This form can be used to request:

  1. Landscape maintenance (e.g. – pruning/trimming, dead plants, irrigation leaks, etc.)
  2. Plant removal or replacement
  3. Stone / gravel installations
  4. Restrict debris blowing on patios **

This must be printed, signed and turned into the Landscaping Committee to be put into effect

Landscape MaintenancePlant Removal/ReplacementStone/GravelRestrict debris blowing on patio**

410 (Small)420 (Atrium)430 (Side Entry)440 (Large)Common Area - please describe the location in detail in the boxbelow

YesNoNot Applicable

Please print this page before submitting. Keep copy for your records.